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D.V.M. operates as a prime contractor performing underground and aerial utility construction.  We specialize in installing water main and sanitary sewer by trenchless methods as well as open cut installation.  We have been engaged in trenchless construction since the company’s inception in 1981. Since we perform all trenchless methods, we are able to provide our customers a Total Trenchless design build solution.

DV.M. Utilities services Telecommunications providers, water and sewer authorities, cities and states department of roads. Our experience includes but is not limited to open cut, jack and bore, pilot tube guided boring, pipe ramming, directional boring from small to large diameter pipe, aerial construction, fiber splicing, electrical, CIPP Lining, pipe bursting, slip lining, trenchless point repair, pipeline grouting, sewer pipeline CCTV and cleaning, structure rehabilitation and road construction. Adapting to the latest technologies, we continue to move forward in building successful projects.  Because of our array of capabilities we are able to overcome the challenges that can emerge and offer numerous options to the Owner to complete the project in the most beneficial way for all that are involved.

D.V.M. has the knowledge and resources to successfully perform some of the most complicated projects and tasks.  Our company’s management team has extensive experience providing construction services to public and private sectors.  We are confident that we will complete all projects beyond your expectations.

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